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If you’ve ever thought “Hey, I saw on _______ to use _______ oil for _______, and I need a diffuser too,” then you need a Premium Starter Bundle from Young Living Essential Oils. Join us on your oily journey and let’s all shout HOORAY!

Getting a Premium Starter Bundle (PSB) is the easiest and most cost-effective way to get started with using essential oils. The PSB is a R4030 value with no monthly requirements or minimums!  

R2340 gets you 10 of the most popular oils + 1 diffuser + sooo much more!
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Ready to earn money?
Your Bundle also comes with an optional, complimentary introduction to the business side of Young Living. Our team is never about any pressure, quotas, minimums, or any of that salesy nonsense. We will guide you every step of the way. We will teach you how to grow and maximize your paycheck. You’ll get to LOVE what you do, help others live healthier lives, and work from anywhere, anytime.

Don’t know much about oils? That’s okay! We pride ourselves in our hand-holding, intense support, community, and encouragement that we provide to every team member.

Your Premium Starter Bundle comes with ALL of the following, exclusive to Hello Essentials South Africa team members... this can be you! :)

  • 5mL bottles of 10 of the most popular and versatile oils for an all-natural "medicine cabinet makeover"
    • 😴 Lavender: For skin, for hair, put a little here and a little there. Gentle, mild and so safe for most, use if you get a burn when grabbing your toast. Use it tonight to catch some zzz’s and thank us in the morning.
    • 🍃 Peppermint: Uplifting, refreshing, helps nausea & even indigestion. Try this peppy mint in your diffuser for a caffeine-free kick start to your day.
    • 🍊Orange: This citrus sweet oil can whiten your teeth, uplift your mood, and can also help improve a bad attitude. 
    • 🎁 Frankincense: Was as valuable as gold in ancient times because of its power and glory, since quite frankly this one is holy. This anti-ager in a bottle is also known as the King of oils because of its endless wellness benefits.
    • 🍋 Lemon: Your new zest friend to wake you up if you hit an energy slump. Encourages health if you’re entering a germ dump. Heart burn got you down? Add a drop to turn that around.
    • 👃 Eucalyptus radiata: Your home is 3 drops away from becoming a spa. Helps us breathe more deeply, also a wonderful one to create a deep sleepy.
    • 🌸 Purification: Diffuse to purify the air and delight and not fright the nostrils. Spray to keep poop private, shoes fresh, or that fishy dinner smell contained. Got a zit that's ruining your day? Purification has you covered there too.
    • 💪 Thieves: Your immunity lies within this precious one. Drop in tea, under feet, and germs be gone!⠀
    • 💜 Valor: All the rave for feelings of brave! Also known as "chiro in a bottle", Valor literally has your back.
    • 🦟 Citronella: Smells so clean and fresh and instructs bugs to take a hike. Can also help soothe muscles after your serious (or not so serious) workout.

  • Diffuser of Your Choice
    Ember, Desert Mist, Lantern, or Owl

  • Free Shipping/Courier
    A R100 value. Your PSB will arrive at your door in approximately 1 week, or less!

  • YL Starter Pack
    Everything you need to have success with your oils! Includes:30mL of V-6 carrier oil, 10mL roller bottle, AromaGlide Fitment to convert any essential oil bottle into a roller bottle, 3 glass sample bottles, 60mL of Ningxia Red superfood antioxidant juice

  • The Essential Book, South Africa
    An absolutely gorgeous 178-page user guide all about how to use essential oils and live a healthier, cleaner, plant-based lifestyle

  • Oil Bottle Lid Labels
    Oil lid labels to color-code your oils and make them easy to find. Includes: 1 sheet of 72 labels, including 2 sets of the PSB oils (one for you + one to tear off for an oil-loving friend), 50 labels of our other favorite oils, plus 1 label for a Thieves Household Cleaner spray bottle.

  • Team Resources Galore!
    Our Hello Essentials South Africa team offers an abundance of resources to help you learn all about Young Living oils and how to build a successful business too. Join us at exclusive events in-person and online and let us show you how to earn an income by helping others get healthier with essential oils. 

  • A Personalized Referral Link
    Earn cash when you share your link with others. Let us show you how to do this easily and organically, without ever being salesy or pushy.

  • Business Building Bundle (BBB)
    Exclusive to the Hello Essentials Team, your Business Building Bundle (BBB) includes everything needed to grow your own business in South Africa and around the world: welcome to the business brochure, 10mL Abundance blend roller, invitations to private events, access to WhatsApp/Facebook training groups, plus a partnership with a local leader to support you and teach you how to maximize your income! 

  • Wholesale pricing on all Young Living products for life
    Save 24% off retail price

  • Join our community where oilers feel empowered to live healthier lives
    We are all into health + wellness (but we're not extremists). We still like to enjoy wine and sundowners. We are KIND and non-competitive. We love all things self-development. We are never hoity toity. We care about what goes on and in our bodies. We love being a part of the mission to get oils into every home.

  • And finally, we saved the best for last...
    We are a friendly oily community and we are here to support you in your essential oil journey. You will soon be connected with your very own local mentor to hold your hand and help you get the most out of your new oils when they arrive!

Checkout below and your Bundle will arrive at your door in approximately 1 week. We will contact you with a tracking number and everything you need to know to get started with your new oils… 

We are excited to welcome you with open arms and an oily hug! 🤗

Have questions? Need additional help?
Send a WhatsApp message to Jayde at 078 710 9047

(This exclusive offer is available to newbies only. What's a newbie? Anyone not yet a part of the Young Living family.)