Ravintsara Essential Oil (5ml)

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Ravintsara essential oil is reminiscent of Eucalyptus and has a soothing aroma that can be used to support yoga breathing practices, meditation, and the appearance of healthy-looking skin.


Ravintsara is one of several essential oils derived from the Cinnamomum camphora tree, along with Ho Wood and Camphor. Steam distilled from the leaves of the tree, Ravintsara is highly regarded in its native Madagascar for its many beneficial properties. It is a multi-action essential oil, providing cleansing and invigorating properties when diffused or used aromatically and powerful skin-cleansing properties when applied topically.


    Topical: Dilute 1 drop with 1 drop of V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex and apply to desired area as needed.



    Aromatic: Diffuse up to 30 minutes 3 times daily.


    • Has a bold, invigorating aroma, similar to Eucalyptus

    • Aromatically invigorating and awakening when applied to the head, neck, chest, or under the nose

    • Creates a refreshing breathing experience when inhaled or diffused

    • Has skin-cleansing properties

    • Can be used to enhance yoga, meditation, or breathing exercises


    • Dilute Ravintsara with V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex and apply it to your chest before exercise for a refreshing workout.

    • Inhale it directly from the bottle during seasonal changes or as part of a meditative breathing exercise.

    • Add it to your favorite facial cleanser or body wash for an invigorating clean.

    • Diffuse it to fill your space with its bold, bracing aroma.

    • Enhance yoga by using a few drops during your breathing practice.