Thyme Vitality (5ml)

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Thyme Vitality essential oil contains the powerful antioxidant thymol that supports the immune system. It has a spicy flavor when added to your recipes.


Native to the Mediterranean region of Southern Europe, thyme is a woody evergreen shrub in the mint family that is traditionally used as a culinary herb. Thyme Vitality™ adds bold, herbaceous flavor to savory dishes, and can be used in place of the fresh or dried herb in recipes. In addition, this powerful essential oil contains the naturally occurring constituents thymol, para-cymene, and gamma-terpinenecan, which provide immune support and antioxidants when taken internally.*


    Dilute 1 drop with 1 drop of carrier oil. Put in a capsule and take up to 3 times daily.



      • Has a bold, herbaceous flavor

      • Contains antioxidants*

      • May help maintain healthy lifestyle regimen*

      • May support a healthy immune system*

      • An important ingredient in Inner Defense, ParaFree, and Rehemogen


      • Add 1 drop of Thyme Vitality to a vegetable capsule and take as a dietary supplement to provide immune and general wellness support.*

      • Add Thyme Vitality to your favorite sauces and marinades for a boost of herbal flavor.